What are your goals? What personal “Peak” are you trying to reach? Lose a few pounds? Get in better shape? Live a healthier lifestyle? Get a great work out and have fun? No matter what your health & fitness goals are, Peak 5 CrossFit can help you get there! At Peak 5, we design our classes and workouts around five elements that are critical to success in any fitness program, especially CrossFit. 





This all begins with you. Just the fact that you are reading this right now shows that you are heading in the right direction. When you click on the “Get Started Today” button you will begin a fitness journey that can ultimately lead you to whatever Peak(s) you are striving for. Take these first steps, come in for a visit, sign up for our Foundations Intro Course, and you are on your way to a healthier you. But the next steps are the hardest, that’s where Commitment comes in. In a program like CrossFit, it takes six solid workouts over about a two-week time-frame to get over that proverbial hump. At this point you will start being a little less sore the next day after each workout, catch your breath quicker during each workout, and start to make measurable progress in achieving your goals. If you stay committed to our program over the first few weeks and start to make our classes part of your weekly routine, the question will change from “should I go today?” to simply “I can’t wait to go today!”. Of course, we’ll be there to help you along the way but the first few steps are yours. What are you waiting for?



One of the most critical building blocks in getting in better shape and becoming a healthier you is Nutrition. This may seem to be common knowledge but so many people still neglect this very important variable. At Peak 5, we believe that putting more focus on Nutrition will take your workouts from good to great and your goals from ordinary to extraordinary. There are many ways to focus on Nutrition – everything from simply making better meal or portion choices day to day to following a structured plan like Paleo or the Zone Diet. Like Commitment, Nutrition ultimately starts with you but we can definitely help you find the Nutritional focus that’s right for you and fits your lifestyle. Anyone who has experience with CrossFit will tell you, a sensible focus on nutrition will do wonders for your workout performance not to mention your overall health. Let us help guide you to the plan that works best for you.



From your very first workout to your 300th, our trainers are here to push you and strive to help you improve. We’ll work with you to achieve your goals and then when you do, we’ll help you set some more! Our focus is on showing you the right form and technique because safety is always number one. Every workout can be scaled to your personal abilities no matter what. That’s our job…making sure you stay safe while having a tough, rewarding workout every time you visit.



One of the true strengths of CrossFit is how a “box” (CrossFit’s name for a gym) of athletes with varying abilities, backgrounds, and lifestyles can come together for an hour of sweat and hard work and leave as friends. There’s something special about looking at a truly tough workout on the board, then looking at the person next to you and thinking “alright, let’s do this!” This makes workouts fun, but what’s even better is bonding with one another afterward about what you just accomplished…together. At Peak 5 we strive to have a truly accepting Community of members who push themselves but try to push each other even more. This is the reason Community is located right below Goals in our pyramid. You might excel at the lower elements of the pyramid but many times in order to finally reach that seemingly unobtainable Peak, you need to draw motivation and support from those around you. That’s where our sense of Community can help push you past your limits and one step closer to what you are trying to accomplish. 



When you start at Peak 5, one of the first things we’ll ask you is, “What Peak are you trying to get to?” What are you trying to achieve by joining our gym and how can we help? Some may strive to simply be healthier, other might want to compete in CrossFit competitions, and some may just want to lose 10 pounds and fit in that old pair of jeans. No matter what your personal Peak is, we are confident we can help you achieve it. To do this, you will need to set Goals. They should be measurable and attainable so we can track your progress and help you navigate the right path for your fitness journey. Even if you’re not sure what your Goals should be when you start, we’ll work with you individually during our Foundations Intro Course to set some Goals that will ultimately help you get to that personal Peak you are trying to reach. After that it’s 3…2…1…GO!