Peak 5 Classes

Peak 5 offers a variety of program options that fit everyone. Our mission is to provide everyone with a beneficial workout routine designed to help you reach your personal “Peaks”. Check out our different class options below:


CrossFit & CRossfit Express

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. In other words, we train you to be generally physically prepared by offering a level of fitness which readies you for the known and unknown in everyday life. Every workout is different and combines aspects of weight lifting, mobility, cardio, and gymnastics. Sometimes the workout of the day (WOD) may be 8 minutes, sometimes 25 minutes…you just never know.  Learn More


Foundations Intro Course (CrossFit)

The Foundations Intro Course is a highly suggested class for anyone new to CrossFit or anyone that may need a refresher. 

Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings as well as Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. 

During these classes we will break down the technique of each movement with a tutorial and hands on experience. This is a chance for new members to become familiar with all the movements in a slower paced environment before joining the regular CrossFit classes upon completion. 


Core & Cardio

Core & Cardio is a fun, high intensity interval class with lots of cardio and functional movements. This class is built to provide the maximum amount of exercises in the time allowed. Challenging workouts are customized for each class and blended with music and energy to create a unique fitness experience. You will learn to use many types of equipment such as kettle bells, battle ropes, medicine balls, sleds, hammers, tires, and more.



Death by Sundays is a chance to test your skills against some of CrossFit's most challenging workouts. Everything from benchmark or iconic workouts to "Hero" WODs (Workout Of the Day) are fair game. This class simulates a competition environment, and focuses on execution over training.


Fusion YOGA

In Fusion Yoga, we blend Yoga and Pilates practices to strengthen, stretch and ultimately revitalize your body. It's a challenging and valuable practice on its own, or as a compliment to the physical demands of our other CrossFit classes.